Pre-Orders Started For Flying Car First Edition by Aeromobil

AeroMobil, flying-car company, unveiled its new car model today and is all set to begin pre-orders for the first limited-edition car. The organization had guaranteed to present a commercial accessible flying vehicle in 2017, and this fairly follows through on that guarantee; however, pre-orders won’t be shipped until 2020. AeroMobil plans to increase production throughout the coming years to start the delivery.

Pre-Orders Started For Flying Car First Edition by Aeromobil
AeroMobil is an engineering company that is focused on creating a combination of sports car and light weight aircraft. The company targets to make private transportation more reliable, efficient, and environment-friendly to overcome the most intricate concern of traffic jam in metropolitan cities. It is also working furiously to deliver rapid travel solution for short and medium distance.
The AeroMobil sounds noteworthy on paper. It gets convert from car to plane in less than 3 minutes. The driving range of the car on road is 424 miles as well as on a flight mode it can travel around 466 miles. In the car mode, it can vroom up to 100 mph and in the flight mode, it flies at the speed of 224 mph.

AeroMobil is determined more on safety than velocity. The vehicle comprises tons of high standard components and features integrated to ensure it withstands even in rough flying climate. There’s a parachute for disaster situation that will assist the automobile back to land, and airbags are intended to assist in both airborne and road based accidents.

These whole functionalities of the flying car may give a glimpse of James Bond movies, and it’s quite obvious. The first ever revealed model of flying car by AeroMobil was displayed at Monaco’s ultra-fancy top Marques auto show. The project was backed by company’s supply partner Patrick Hessel, which was in the form of $3.2 Million cash.

Focusing on the crucial factor that is price, the car starts at $1.3 Million. So the chances of witnessing these flying cars will be pretty low in the neighborhood driveways.

So, at the stage where tech giants such as Uber and Airbus have claimed to bring their flying cars by 2020, AeroMobil has already created some chaos in the market by starting its pre-orders.