Use of Neural Machine By Google Translate For 9 Indian Languages

Google Translate is one of the widely used interfaces and now Google India is all ready to introduce a new set of features and products for the Indian languages. Now, Google Translate will be using the new Neural Machine Translation technique by Google to translate between 9 extensively used languages and English. The 9 languages include Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, and Malayalam.

Use of Neural Machine By Google Translate For 9 Indian Languages

This implementation is basically to get more people online and thus, make the web more useful to them. The Vice President of Google, SouthEast Asia and India, Rajan Anandan, said, “We have recognized gaps that limit Indians from using the Internet and Google hopes to expand its internet network for each Indian. At present in India, there are almost 400 Million internet users and the digit is projected to attain 600 Million by the year 2020.”

So, let’s know what this Neural Machine Translation is. This technique is an enhancement to the previous phrase-based method that translated segments of sentences. The new system translates complete sentences instead. According to the company, it is a great step forward in terms of translation quality it has been providing from the last decade.

In other words, this new Neural Machine Translation is simple to comprehend and more precise while  translating complete sentences. It utilizes wide perspective to aid in making up a most appropriate translation that is rearranged later and fine-tuned to make a more grammatically accurate sentence.

Many of the users may have come across the webpage translation if they use Google Chrome for browsing. The company has incorporated the new technology into its Chrome browser to offer more appropriate results when a user translates a complete page. Apart from this, Google has also added all above-mentioned 9 languages in the Chrome browser, which would offer better translation of all including song lyrics, discussions, or news

Is there something more from Google? Yes, it has also added new 11 languages to the Gboard apart from the offered 11 languages. The new upgrade also offers transliteration support for these languages that include Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, and Telugu. It is also making the select, copy, and paste simpler.