Mapmyindia Partnered With ‘VISIT’ To Launch Swastha Bharat M-Health App

Knowing the location of the nearby labs, clinics, hospitals, and pharmacy outlets can be very helpful, especially in the emergency situations. Isn’t it? Even if you don’t get the prescribed medicine at one pharmacy outlet you can go to another nearby outlet. In order to make all this convenient for the citizen, a new app is been launched recently.

Mapmyindia Partnered With ‘VISIT’  To Launch Swastha Bharat M-Health App

MapmyIndia, a global positioning system navigation, premium-quality digital maps, tracking, geographic information system (GIS), location-based apps, and tracking solutions provider in collaborated with VISIT, a provider of pre-primary medical management to assist the government with rolling out of the app “Swastha Bharat” m-health for tier II towns, smart cities, and villages.

The app is backed by the artificial intelligence-dependent telemedicine interface of VISIT and the high-tech mapping technologies of MapmyIndia. The Swastha Bharat m-health app enables the people to emergency ambulance services, consult specialists & doctors over the phone, and find nearby clinics, hospitals, pharmacy outlets, and labs.

The CTO and Director of MapmyIndia, Rohan Verma, said, “The people should be able to gain primary health services around the clock, anyplace in the country. Our mapping data and global positioning system technology facilitate one-tap ambulance requests, hence assisting the government in developing emergency response framework for villages, towns, and cities. The users can also find the nearby health centers, order medications from close by pharmacies, and fix doctor appointments.”

The app is also designed to resolves queries regarding health by offering on the spot health answers to all the people via a chat-based health assistant. VISIT has developed the live chat service and is supported by top doctors of India, who continuously assess the information presented to the people. The health assistant can also aid users by offering home remedies, instant suggestions, and in diagnosing health problems. The users can also receive health advice regarding the most chatted problem by the people on the basis of the past history and demographics of the user to assist them in preventing any likely health concerns. Any data regarding the local epidemics and preventive measures to be taken can also be provided by the chat assistant.

Don’t you think the Swastha Bharat m-health will be a very useful app for all the citizens?