New Search Feature Launched By Slack Powered With Artificial Intelligence

Slack, the acronym for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge, is a workplace collaboration platform. And the work chat service is all set to get smarter. Yes, Slack is rolling out a new search feature that mainly utilizes machine learning to search more appropriate data and find it more rapidly. The Slack search learning and intelligence team developed the new feature and illustrate that even Slack is emulating other leading companies in implementation of artificial intelligence.

New Search Feature Launched By Slack Powered With Artificial Intelligence

The new feature dubbed “Slack Search” is basically developed to aid its users in searching subject matter experts and relevant channels more swiftly than the conventional search. At first, the new feature will be presented only to the paid users; however, it won’t be surprising if parts of it are made available to the free users too. Let’s see how it works. If the user searches the words “hiring process,” for instance, the platform will find the individual who discusses that term the most. Then the user can connect with that particular individual and have a discussion.

This feature can be of particular use for big teams, where not everybody knows each person in the team. Rather than asking or looking for the appropriate person to discuss with, the user can simply use the search feature to know whom to talk about the problems the most. Or, even the users can find through the messages and look if their question has been already answered by someone.

The user doesn’t need to worry about their personal messages with their co-workers to be displayed as it will be only using the public messages. At present, the new feature is only accessible on the desktop, even though it will be soon making its way, at some moment in future, to the mobile. Slack, in future, also intends to roll out several other features to improve its chat app. According to a report, the forthcoming features include prioritized reading, daily briefings, and channel highlights.

Yet, nothing much is known about the new features at the moment, but the organization has been regularly upgrading its app, so hopefully, the users don’t have to wait too long.

So, let us know how useful this new feature is for you.