Government Asks Youtube India to Remove These Videos

The Government of India has requested YouTube to get rid of all videos linked to a confined tribal group in the Andamans, Jarawas. The instruction has come straight from a constitutional body named as the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST).

Government Asks Youtube India to Remove These Videos

NCST’s concern is that videos on YouTube based on the tribal group outrages the reticence of Jarawas without their consent and knowledge. The commission also needs that no audio or visual content on the tribal cluster is published on any social media platform in the upcoming time. NCST has spoke to the Ministries of home affairs and broadcasting & information, requesting them to make sure that the order is followed in accordance with.

YouTube told the media that it will not say anything as of now since it had not got any information of such order. It also claimed that, “Community Guidelines of YouTube ban things like disturbing or shocking content, hate speech, graphic violence, and illegal acts, and we provide our users tools to mark this content so that we can evaluate and get rid of anything that breaches our rules. We also abide by valid lawful requests from management powers wherever possible, constant with our ancient guiding principle.”

Raghav Chandra, Secretary of NCST, told the media, “These videos are published under tags such as ‘Jarawa Development’ but show them awkward or naked and clumsy. They do not display them in a good manner. Publishing these videos is similar to offending their reticence without their consent or knowledge. The commission has made a decision this week in its meeting to request YouTube to get rid of all videos published online.” The commission came to the verdict that particular videos seemed to make fun of the tribal cluster. Chandra, on the other hand, claimed that the commission was not in opposition to anthropological studies on Jarawas. “This should not be taken as antagonism to scientific surveys. But we do not wish for them to be matter of ridicule,” he claimed to the media.

Well, for now, the YouTube has decided to take off the videos following the order.