Scientist Invents Dryer That Needs No Heat

Wandering for about an hour in order to dry your clothes off might be troublesome when you are in a rush and require something. But an Indian-American scientist has found a solution for this situation.

Viral Patel and his squad of scientists in Tennessee at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have designed a dryer that might make the process of laundry much faster.

Named as the ultrasonic dryer, it is anticipated to be up to 5 times more power efficient as compared to most of the traditional dryers and capable of drying a huge bunch of clothes in almost half the time.

Scientist Invents Dryer That Needs No Heat

“It is a totally fresh method. As an alternative to evaporation, it is theoretically conducting automatic extraction of the wetness present in the clothes,” Patel claimed to the media in a statement.

Patel claimed that conventional dryers normally utilize clear-cut technology. As air gets sucked in from the nearby environment, it moves via a gas burner or heater and into the drum where the fabric stumble around permitting the heat to soak up the humidity with the air departing the dryer.

On the other hand, the ultrasonic dryer utilizes piezoelectric transducers to get rid of moisture. When high frequency current is imposed on the transducers, they shake at a high frequency resulting the trapped water to depart the clothes with no heat.

Fundamentally, the dryer vibrates the water off the clothes, accelerating up the process.

Patel cited that GE Appliances is in the procedure of designing a deal with the scientists to move toward commercialization.

“We are making an effort to design the technology that has effectiveness more than or equal to the normal dryers but with an affordable cost, so it can be traded in the U.S. market. If you go to a Big Box store and you need a dryer, usually the first thing users seek is the cost and not the energy efficiency factor,” Patel added further.

“GE comes with the knowledge in that sector that we are not aware of,” he further added, claiming that it will take minimum 2 to 5 Years prior to the ultrasonic dryers to become available in the industry.