Microsoft Terms India as an Immense Place for Innovation

India is a huge place for modernization and there is a huge chance for Indian start-ups and companies to engage with Microsoft. They can design cloud-based platforms and tools for an international marketplace, as per a senior administrator of the software major.

General Manager of worldwide channel sales of Microsoft, Alyssa Fitzpatrick claimed that some of the immense things are taking place in the Indian market from an innovation point of view. She claimed this to the media in a statement at the ongoing Annual Partnership meeting of Microsoft “Inspire.”

Microsoft Terms India as an Immense Place for Innovation

She claimed that the company was going to the Indian market with solution maps. “That is going to provide us a chance to transfer some of the modernization from India into these solution maps and actually point it out for the rest of the consumption of the world,” she claimed. A familiar leader for changing global indirect and direct sales in the software market, Fitzpatrick has taken responsibility for more than 50,000 encompassing management consultancies, international partners, services partners, and global systems integrators.

Fitzpatrick, a regular traveler to India when the Indian IT industry was in its childhood phase, mentioned the instance of a small time app designer in India. This app designer in India now has worldwide attendance. “India is an immense place of modernization,” she said. “I believe that there is a huge chance in the Indian market to amalgamate with Microsoft, as we are going through this alteration and actually giving chance to design our Cloud and create in our Cloud, so that they can be traded internationally in the Cloud,” she said to the media in a statement.

Even though it is not an exhilarating time in India, she said it is since they have witnessed the whole ripeness of the Cloud, and commencing to accept the Cloud. “Where we are at present, there is a much faster adoption taking place as compared to things occurred in the past. We are witnessing an increase of rate. It is not a very thrilling time in India. But it is exciting from an innovation point of view,” she claimed to the media in a statement.