12 Handset Companies Respond on Data Safety

A dozen of firms that manufacture mobile handsets, comprising Xiaomi, HTC, and Lenovo, have responded to the government on procedures of data security adopted by them. Some other producers have asked for more time to answer, claimed the source from IT ministry.

12 Handset Companies Respond on Data Safety

Previously, this month, the government had given notices to 30 firms in 2 parts, looking for data on their procedures of data security in attempt to guarantee protection and privacy of user data. As per an official from IT and Electronics Ministry, as many as 12 companies, comprising Xiaomi, HTC, Lenovo, Vivo, and Huawei, have given in their answers. Some firms have responded and asked for more time, the official claimed, adding the government is expected to increase the time limit for getting answers.

Apple, the iPhone maker, in an e-mail, verified that it has given its reply to the government, while a spokesperson from Vivo claimed that the firm had given answer to the notice. The Ministry of IT and Electronics wrote to 21 companies on August 12, majority of them from China, requesting them to sketch the processes and procedures adopted by them to guarantee privacy and security of users’ data. Consequently, 9 more firms, comprising Honor, Motorola, OnePlus, Asus, and InFocus were included to that list, making the total figure of such firms to 30. The ministry of IT had claimed that it will write to all makers of smartphone regarding this.

The motive of the whole exercise is to make sure that needed measures for data security are being carried out with regards to software and hardware in mobile handsets. The ministry of IT mentioned domestic and international reports about leaks of data from mobile handsets, and claimed that preloaded software and devices, and apps will be below inspection in the initial stage. On the basis of the response of the firms, the ministry will start audit and verification of devices where needed.

It had also alerted of fines below provisions of IT Act 43 (A) in case predetermined procedures are not being carried out. Let us see as to how many of the companies still respond to the government.