Snapchat Working with Colleges to Produce New Features

Snapchat will be busy with most of the reporters in college and this definitely can be termed as its new experiment. Reports recommend that in the past couple of months, Snapchat has requested a lot of college newspapers, for its Discover Section, to prepare stories.

The stories that the company has requested these newspapers to prepare are analogous to ones made by most of the publishers. But the dissimilarity is that these stories will be exceptional to these colleges. As per to some reports by the local media, the firm has verified that it already did a beta roll out of this feature a couple of months ago. The stories were even examined at Universities such as Stanford, UCLA, and Dartmouth among others.

Snapchat Working with Colleges to Produce New Features

Reports also claim that this is the first time in its Discover feed that Snapchat is examining hyper localized stories. Fascinatingly, these stories will only be accessible to watch as long as the consumer stays in the campus of the college. On the other hand, these latest Discover Stories are not similar as Campus Stories. Rolled out by Snapchat in 2014, Campus Stories are public snaps that are taken when the user is present on the college campus in a live event.

Snapchat in a little while will be also introducing Custom Stories feature for its app. These Stories will only be viewed by a definite bunch of users’ friends and not every person. You can send an invite to your friends to add Snaps to the Story as well. In addition, there is a choice of transporting this request to friends of friends by utilizing custom geofence alternative in a particular area.

Much like ordinary Stories, Custom Stories would vanish after a time span of 24 hours. On the other hand, they can stay for extended period, provided user puts in new content to these Custom Stories. In addition, custom-made emoji tool Bitmoji will soon be accessible on Snapchat as well. For those who are not aware, Bitmoji is an app purchased by Snap Inc. (parent company of Snapchat) that permits users to create custom-made cartoon characters of themselves. Users can alter the expressions of their characters through the settings of the app.