Best Bollywood Movies That You Can Watch With Your Kids On Children’s Day

This Children’s Day if you are planning to spend quality time with your kids. Then you have the option of watching good movies with your kids. Below is a list of the Bollywood movies that you can watch with your kids.

Stanley Ka Dabba

This is the debut film of Amole Gupte and is a very good movie to be watched. You will find all colors of childhood in this movie. The movie revolves around a school kid and his tiffin. The story comprises the relationship between the school teachers and children. The narration of the story is in a fun way until you realize the story comes with a soul.

Mr India

You will be never tired of watching this movie. You must have watched this movie in your childhood days and now you can also watch it with your kids. This movie will keep you engrossed throughout. The film by Shekar Kapur is always a delight to the eye. A complete Bollywood movie which consists of a hero having powers,

a beautiful heroine, rowdy villains, and to add on lovely and mischievous children. The dialogues in the film are still remembered and also are the characters so do give a watch.

I Am Kalam

This is a very different story but very inspiring to the kids. The Nila Madhab Panda’s I Am Kalam is a story about a Rajasthani boy. This boy makes Abdul Kalam his role model and tries to follow him. The movie depicts how the boy shows the conviction and the courage to fulfill his dreams.

Taare Zameen Par

A very appreciated movie which was directed by Amir Khan and was produced by the Amir Khan Productions starred Darsheel Safary in the lead role. The movie revolved around Darsheel Safary who is suffering from dyslexia. In the film it is shown how the boy copes up with his disorder with the help of his teacher Amir Khan.

Koi Mil Gaya

The movie is a science fiction and revolves around the hero who is mentally retarded. The movie then moves forward after the entry of the alien who has supernatural powers. With his supernatural powers, the alien helps the hero to become normal. This all incidences are shown in a funny way thus keeping you engrossed.

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