Best Hollywood Movies That You Can Watch With Your Kids On Children’s Day

On Children’s Day if your kid wishes to watch a movie with you then don’t get confused here is a list of few Hollywood animated kids movies that are worth watching.

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The Incredibles

The movie involves the lives of the people that have superpowers. The film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. In the film, there is a family that has supernatural powers in them and in order to save the world from the enemies they have to take certain steps. Even though the story sounds as usual but it is depicted in an amazing way.


There are various parts of this movie; the first part was released in the year 2001 which was a big success. The story is inspired by the fairy tale picture book “Shrek”. The story is about an ogre named Shrek who is struggling to regain his swamp. And in order to do that he goes on a journey with a donkey for rescuing the princess in distress Princesses Fiona. A very good movie to be watched.


This film is different as it doesn’t revolve around any superheroes or any animal characters. As the name suggests it is all about the cars. Our hero is a car our heroine is also a car and our villain is also a car. There are other vehicles also included in the movie. The story is very good and so is the film. This film has won the Best Animated Feature Annie Award. So on Children’s Day watch this movie with your kids and make their day special.

Kung Fu Panda

This animated and comedy film is an American film that revolves around a large panda in the country of China whose name is Po. Po always has the desire to become a good Kung Fu master. The other warriors that are involved in this film are Crane, Monkey, Tigress, Manta, and Viper. The film is completely amazing and has fun elements even in the climax. Thus children enjoy watching it thoroughly.